HUSKTM is your partner for Green Packaging Solutions, producing high quality paper-based fresh Fruit & Vegetable packaging of the future.

As key experts, producers and suppliers of corrugated packaging solutions for fresh produce, International Paper and De Jong Verpakking decided to join forces in a marketing cooperation. Together, we are committed to create unique value for European retailers, delivering premium service, excellent quality and reliable supply.

corrugated, creatively fresh

upgrading the consumer experience

As time for grocery shopping is limited in this fast-paced world, our corrugated packaging helps turn buying fruit and vegetables into pleasure, positively influencing consumer behavior in your retail shop.

  • Boost fruit and vegetable sales in your shop
  • Benefit from great branding opportunities
  • Promote your produce using an unrivalled medium

going the extra green mile

Sustainably and efficiently pack and transport your fresh fruit and vegetables in our green-by-nature paper-based boxes, and improve your environmental footprint. Because we all like to go the extra green mile!

  • Reduce CO2 in transportation
  • Use renewable materials that are 100% recyclable
  • Consume less water and detergents

helping against food wastage

Contribute to safeguarding our planet by being a part of the solution against global food wastage. HUSKTM quality packaging protects your fresh produce, minimizing food wastage and damage along the chain.

  • Help extending shelf-life in your shop and at consumers’ homes
  • Support the reduction of food damage
  • Choose hygienic packaging solutions throughout the supply chain

creating maximum business value

Reap the benefits of HUSKTM reliable packaging solutions to efficiently handle your supply chain processes and create maximum value for your business.

  • Optimize stackability through standardized packaging designs
  • Choose the smart solution for ergonomic packaging
  • Benefit from technical consultancy and quality audits

enjoying premium service

With a single point of contact, you will enjoy premium service and reliable supply in all important fresh Fruit & Vegetable growing and exporting regions across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa thanks to HUSKTM‘s strong geographic coverage.

  • Fast and flexible service with an extended geographic coverage
  • A professional and highly responsive customer service, thanks to centralized key account management with short lines of communication
  • Innovative strength supported by a global network of packaging designers and supply chain experts


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